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About Wyndham Gramado Termas Resort & Spa

Wyndham Gramado Termas Resort & Spa is a high-end resort located in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

It is the only hotel in Gramado with thermal waters and the first international resort in the city. The apartments and suites can accommodate up to 4 people, making them ideal for families.

In addition to tourists and seasonal guests, the hotel also has another type of customer: the owners. These are individuals who acquire shares in the hotel and redeem their use at different times of the year. As a result, the resort maintains year-round circulations, requiring impeccable infrastructure delivery every month.

The problem

The challenges

The operation was not centralised:
  • Data was scattered across different places

  • Maintenance requests were received from various channels

  • It was difficult to have a comprehensive view of the information, hindering decision-making processes and analysis

What they had to say

"Nothing, absolutely nothing, is done without opening a ticket. Did a request come through WhatsApp? We respond immediately, requesting the opening of a ticket for the service to be carried out."

Sandro Martins

Maintenance Manager

The solution

An IMMP to centralise all requests and orders

Thanks to Infraspeak, no information is lost in manuals and spreadsheets. This optimises the operation and enables the strategic use of data for overall business management.

Currently, they combine data from Infraspeak's dashboards with reviews from Booking and Tripadvisor to enhance the service's excellence. Moreover, the platform has contributed to the resort maintaining its LEED Certification - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The resort is a 100% autonomous building in terms of lighting, heating, and air conditioning automation.