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Join us as a Partner and spread the Maintenance Revolution around the world. Plans range from one-off referrals to long-lasting relationships. What are you waiting for?

Our plan types

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Referral Partner

Got a book of leads you want to share but don't want to be involved in the sales process? Our referral partner programme is ideal for you. 

  • Simple, one-off deals

  • Transparent commission structure 

  • Minimal effort required

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Business Partner

Feel ready to bring Infraspeak to your local market and make your mark? The Business Partner Programme is the right choice for you. Reach your potential today.

  • Full ownership of pipeline

  • Full sales documentation and training access

  • Competitive prices and commission

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Tech Partner

Do you have a product or platform waiting to make a splash? Join as a tech partner! 54% of our customers buy Tech Partner solutions. 

  • Expose brand/services to over 600 clients

  • Co-marketing opportunities 

  • Joint ventures to secure new clients

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Our partners

Why join our partners program?

“Operators should be looking at technologies that allow them to automate and streamline day-to-day operations that cost time and lead to significant losses.”

João Monteiro

Head of Partnerships at EZ4U

“This streamlined solution is a real step change that will support Infraspeak and SFG20’s clients.”

Steve Tomkins

Head of Business Development for SFG20

“Infraspeak’s partnership happened exactly around the time I started thinking about creating an engineering consultancy firm.”

Luís Carrujo

LGC Consulting

Referral partner

Simple, one-off deals!

When you have one or more leads to share but can’t or don’t want to be involved in the sales process.

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