Gain unprecedented control over your FM & maintenance operation.

Whatever worked 10 years ago doesn’t cut it anymore. Facility managers and service providers are turning to Infraspeak to help deliver what's expected from their teams, buildings and equipment — today.

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How did the InterContinental Porto reduce maintenance calls by 75%?

Technicians now work with unprecedented efficiency as all data is stored on an innovative ID tag, and paperwork is finally a thing of the past.

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How did Sotécnica reduce administrative workload by 88%?

This significant reduction in administrative burden freed up time for other requests.

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Our product

A unique platform for intelligent facility management

Infraspeak connects teams, facilities, software and hardware, whilst providing you with the intelligence and automation required to streamline tasks, optimise resource allocation and make your operations more efficient.

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The age of intelligence

The world has changed. A lot.

FM and maintenance have seen astonishing transformation over the last decade. Our buildings and assets are now 10x more complex; compliance requirements are stricter and sustainability is now a true priority. Intelligent tech is key to survival.

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of Facility Managers feel the industry is “behind” on smart technology

Most stakeholders in positions like yours feel that FM has fallen behind on critical technology. Common tools are now obsolete, and as a result, turning to fresh digital solutions is the only way to stay competitive.


of operational costs can be cut by adding digital intelligence

And your competitors are investing, for good reason! Studies consistently show that the ROI of a successful digital transformation is huge. Imagine what you could achieve if you cut costs by 75%?


of digital transformation attempts fail

Don't say we didn't warn you — 4 in 5 digital transformation attempts fail! But with the right partner and an intelligent, proven platform solution like ours, you can be the winning 1/5.

Why Infraspeak

Why do the leading facilities management companies choose Infraspeak?

It’s a platform

It adapts to your challenges and evolves with your business over time.

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It’s intelligent

It transforms data into real actions that save time and cut costs.

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It’s for everyone

It has an interface especially designed for each member of your team.

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Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform


Monitor your entire operation in a flash

Infraspeak centralises all important data concerning maintenance, compliance and sales into a single platform. You’ll receive in-platform updates from our native apps, but also from dozens of integrations, without blinking once — it’s as simple as it sounds.

Preventive maintenance

Plan ahead and avoid breakdowns

Parting with money unnecessarily is tough, especially when you know there's something you could have done to stop it! Infraspeak helps you plan, schedule and execute all critical steps on time and compliantly for all your assets.

Reporting & Analytics

Reliable, actionable data insights

Generate in-depth, automatic reports on buildings, utilities, preventive and reactive maintenance, and more! With prices skyrocketing, every decision counts. More data means you'll get the big calls right, every time.

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The glass-shattering tool your competition is using

Facility Management
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Educational institutions
Electrical maintenance
Industrial maintenance
Multi-Awarded Platform

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