“Siri, show me the best inventory management software you can find”

It’s Infraspeak. So, Devin just ran out of carbon filters, and Jeanine's requests for printer toner have been pending since last month? Cut out costly stock shortages impacting work and improve the purchasing process of parts and materials with our inventory management system.

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Infraspeak's core capabilities

All the stock management software needs in one intelligent platform

Stock Management
Procurement Management
Analytics & Reporting
Asset Management
Supplier Relationship Management
Compliance & Inspection Management
What’s in it for you?

Keep your stockroom under control and your team more productive than ever

Managing stock doesn’t get easier than this. Increase collaboration between teams, and overall satisfaction by making it simple to track purchases and access records with this stock management system. Integrate with your current software.

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Be in the driving seat

Have all the inventory needs and requirements at your fingertips with detailed overviews of warehouses and materials.

Increase productivity

Get rid of inventory shortages that impact work and shoot up productivity.

Become a smooth operator

Increase team autonomy and make execution smoother by enabling material and service requests

We dare you to find a better rated Inventory Management Software

Infraspeak for Inventory Management

Intelligent maintenance management platform

Managing inventory can be a daunting task! Infraspeak offers detailed overviews of warehouses and material types, minimum stock definitions, and integration with your current accounting tools and ERPs.

Procurement Management

No more sticky-note procurement lists

Managing procurement for sophisticated enterprises can be challenging. Infraspeak streamlines procurement processes by facilitating order tracking from execution to delivery, integrating with your accounting tools and automatically updating inventories.

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Contract & Vendor Management

Simplify Procurement Processes

Transform procurement with the Infraspeak Network™, a shared workspace that enables end-to-end cooperation and communication between field service providers and facility managers — work as one!

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Analytics & Reporting

Data that proves a point

AI-enhanced analytics provide unprecedented operational insight. Have a zoomed-out perspective on your inventory, warehouses or teams’ needs. Avoid stock shortages with minimum stock alerts and e-mail notifications.

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CAFM software - analytics and reportingCAFM software - analytics and reporting

Why Infraspeak

Why do leading FM companies choose Infraspeak?

It’s flexible

Infraspeak is a platform by design, empowering you to customise a solution fit for your unique operational needs.

It’s intelligent

Our IMMP turns operational data into useful actions, such as time-saving automations, intelligent suggestions and timely alerts.

It’s collaborative

It provides a shared workspace that enables end-to-end collaboration between cross-functional teams.

Success stories

Don’t just take our word for it...

“Currently, the platform is not just another tool but an essential piece of our technical maintenance. For us, it’s indispensable.”

Pedro Morna


“Operators can now relax and look at the dashboard — everything is working more smoothly and transparently.”

Andrew Voisey


“Infraspeak is the go-to solution for facilities and property management."

Krishna Ellapen

Ascencia Malls

Who is it for?

A solution for every industry

Infraspeak is a versatile solution that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of several industries. Here are some examples:

Facility Management

Tracking team and equipment performance, asset maintenance expenses and compliance in one place, while centralising all info and managing procurement processes and inventory.

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Creating custom PPMs and audits and effectively managing work orders, leading to longer asset life and massively reducing critical assets’ downtime.

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Mapping assets across multiple buildings, automating work order assignments, boosting compliance, reducing downtime, and saving valuable resources—time, money, and energy.

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We’re happy to help.

1. Why is an IMMP better than traditional Inventory Management Software?

2. How can I start using Infraspeak?

3. What would be the implementation time of the platform in our company?

4. I'm afraid my team won't adapt. How easy is it to use?

5. How much does it cost?

6. I'm looking for a solution that integrates with a software I already use but don't see in your list of integrations. Is it possible to integrate it with Infraspeak?

Discover the true power of Infraspeak.

It’s user friendly

Online, offline, behind a desk or in the field.

It's flexible

Build your IMMP according to your needs.

24/7 customer support

Get unlimited, dedicated support.

Web & mobile

Available on desktop, tablet and smartphone.