Transform data into real actions

Infraspeak Gear™ is the unique, intelligent engine that processes your operational data to automate tasks and provide intelligent suggestions with a real impact on your operation.

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About the Gear

Intelligent maintenance starts here

Whether it’s your team, assets, software integrations or even IoT devices, Infraspeak Gear™ makes sense of all data gathered in the field to make your operation truly intelligent.

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Gear's Alert - Work order with long duration task.

Data intelligence

A nudge when you need it

Infraspeak Gear™ provides intelligent suggestions whenever it detects costly issues in your maintenance operation. Forgot to create an asset plan? Gear's got your back.


Automation at your service

Infraspeak Gear™ saves you time and reduces human error by automating workflows and optimising resource allocation.

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No time to waste

Your new maintenance management assistant alerts you for critical issues, so you can focus on what really matters — making your operations flow!

Hello, Gear

The future of maintenance management

Watch the video below and see what makes Gear the ultimate maintenance management assistant.

Success stories

Don’t just take our word for it...

“One of the main advantages of Infraspeak is that it eliminates the need for worrying about everything that’s happening since it displays it all in a single platform.”

Filipe Soares

InterContinental Porto

“Now we spend 8 fewer hours doing administrative work every week.”

Pedro Ribeiro


“Today we have a more reliable, centralised and accessible process which works for everyone."

Miguel Macedo