Gain full control over your teams, assets, buildings and operations.

Put simply, the facilities you're managing today are infinitely more complex than those from 10 years ago. Infraspeak keeps you in line with the times by connecting and integrating your teams, assets, software and IoT in a single Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform.

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The Future of Maintenance: A Practical Guide to Maintenance 5.0

What do Industry 5.0 and Maintenance 5.0 look like? What technologies should we be looking out for? How can you prepare for it? This free ebook covers it all.



How can you avoid reactive maintenance? A whitepaper

We cover some tried and tested strategies to decrease downtime and reactive maintenance, and explain how technology complements them perfectly.



The Ultimate Guide to Maintenance Management Efficiency

Learn how to achieve top maintenance management efficiency. In this guide, we compiled 50 actionable ways to drive efficiency in maintenance management.

Infraspeak for facility management

Why do top FM providers choose Infraspeak?

Infraspeak helps facility management providers deliver a better service by making their operations more efficient, ensuring transparent communication with customers and guaranteeing maximum profitability.

Gain full control over your operations

Achieve full visibility over your team's performance, monitor maintenance spending and avoid unexpected non-compliance issues through rigorous KPI overviews.

There’s no challenge too big

Even in complex cases, Infraspeak brings calm to your operations. We've helped customers centralise 30k+ assets and, with automated workflows, finally removed boring admin!

Let your entire operation flow

Centralise operations for all your buildings, optimise communication with your team and clients and respond quicker to failures thanks to our simple reporting interface, Infraspeak Direct™.

Intelligent maintenance management platform

Intelligent Facility Management Software


A centralised FM procurement system

Infraspeak integrates with ERPs and accounting software, such as SAP and Xero, that allow you to buy and sell services and materials, request and submit quotes to suppliers and customers, and manage purchases. Procurement is now painless!

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100% compliance or nothing

Infraspeak guarantees that every bit of your operation is compliant. Set customised SLAs, create, run audits and automate work orders for nonconformities. The end result will be better service quality and happier customers.

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Reporting & Analytics

In-depth reports, better decisions

Generate in-depth, automatic reports on buildings, utilities, preventive and reactive maintenance, and much more! Customise reports with KPIs that are relevant to your operation, access intelligent forecasts and make data-backed decisions.

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Success stories

Don’t just take our word for it...

“One of the main advantages of Infraspeak is that it eliminates the need for worrying about everything that’s happening since it displays it all in a single platform.”

Filipe Soares

InterContinental Porto

“Now we spend 8 fewer hours doing administrative work every week.”

Pedro Ribeiro


“Today we have a more reliable, centralised and accessible process which works for everyone."

Miguel Macedo