Lift your business to the next level with efficient preventive maintenance.

From hospitals to shopping centres, lifts provide accessibility for all. In some spaces, like medical units, breakdowns can be catastrophic! Infraspeak guarantees the reliability of your lifts and avoids safety risks for users by improving PPM, decreasing reaction times and ensuring 100% compliance.

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The Future of Maintenance: A Practical Guide to Maintenance 5.0

What do Industry 5.0 and Maintenance 5.0 look like? What technologies should we be looking out for? How can you prepare for it? This free ebook covers it all.



How can you avoid reactive maintenance? A whitepaper

We cover some tried and tested strategies to decrease downtime and reactive maintenance, and explain how technology complements them perfectly.



The Ultimate Guide to Maintenance Management Efficiency

Learn how to achieve top maintenance management efficiency. In this guide, we compiled 50 actionable ways to drive efficiency in maintenance management.

Infraspeak for lift & elevator maintenance

Why do the top-rated lift and elevator companies use Infraspeak?

A well-maintained lift experiences around 2 breakdowns in a year, of which 20% are mantraps. Infraspeak helps companies keep lifts running smoothly by simplifying preventive maintenance, reducing breakdowns and guaranteeing full compliance with regulations.

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Best-in-class team efficiency

With automated workflows, technicians get immediate access to all information they need, they can confirm their presence on-site, and even work offline with Infraspeak’s mobile app.

Next-level communication with teams and customers

Ditch the paperwork and create transparent communication channels with your team and customers — send automatic service reports to your customers through the app.

Safety, integrity and compliance

Create customised checklists for each model, store them in the app and use them to reduce the risk of missing a critical step in your preventive and reactive maintenance.

Intelligent maintenance management platform

Intelligent Lift Maintenance Management Software

Preventive maintenance

Tailor-made preventive maintenance plans

Prevent emergency calls and costly equipment repairs with effective preventive maintenance plans. Automate task management for all your assets and increase the longevity of your lifts by stopping issues before they emerge.

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Reactive Maintenance

Fast responses save lives

Answer urgent requests efficiently when there’s an elevator break down. Trigger automatic work orders to the right technicians and reduce failure response time by 50%. On-site access to asset history streamlines corrections, reducing repair times.

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Always deliver seamless service

Never miss a deadline by setting SLAs for failure resolutions and planned jobs. Create automatic work orders for the duration of your maintenance contracts and get alerts in the absence of preventive maintenance plans.

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Success stories

Don’t just take our word for it...

“One of the main advantages of Infraspeak is that it eliminates the need for worrying about everything that’s happening since it displays it all in a single platform.”

Filipe Soares

InterContinental Porto

“Now we spend 8 fewer hours doing administrative work every week.”

Pedro Ribeiro


“Today we have a more reliable, centralised and accessible process which works for everyone."

Miguel Macedo