How does Sotécnica use Infraspeak to reduce administrative workload by 88%?

88% reduction

in preventive maintenance work orders

Over 34.000 assets

managed with Infraspeak

Centralised information

and optimised communication

3 months

implementation time

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About the company

The VINCIEnergies Group has over 83,800 workers and 1,800 business units spread across 56 countries. Sotécnica, one of the group’s Portuguese companies , specialises in maintenance, HVAC services, electrical installations and energy. Despite being one of the main players in the multi-technical services market, there were still some problems.

The problem

The challenges

Excessively bureaucratic processes
  • Large back-office administrative burden

  • Paper-based work orders.

  • Slow quote creation.

Communication failures
  • Field technicians rarely communicated with the back office.

  • Inability to follow the status of client requests.

Unportable software
  • Not mobile-friendly.

  • Managers couldn’t track the work order’s status in real time.

What they had to say

“Today we have a more reliable, centralised and accessible process which works for everyone. Not only on the field, which is where things happen, but also in our back office, where the sales process has become much more fluid.”

Miguel Macedo

Business Unit Manager

The solution

Goodbye bureaucracy, goodbye paper

Infraspeak can group several assets into the same WO, meaning Sotécnica could reduce the number of preventive maintenance work orders by 87.93%. 

This significant reduction in administrative burden freed up time for other requests. Sotécnica’s team now responds much faster to new requests using advance NFC technology, WOs no longer use paper and all equipment information is centralised on our cloud-based platform.