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About Sinal Mais

Sinal Mais is a Portuguese facility services provider specialising in creating integrated solutions for its customers.

The company carries ISO-quality certificates and specialises in FM, catering, pest control, hygiene and cleaning services and several other verticals. They aim to increase companies' efficiency whilst protecting their sustainability and safeguarding the human component of provided services.

The problem

The challenges

Different departments weren't aligned
  • Departments not involved in maintenance used different tools, meaning data wasn't synched or centralised.

  • There as a lot of lost time closing an account (sending off invoices, updating inventories) as work had to be duplicated on both systems.

Communication was outdated
  • Obstacles connecting with a large network of small, family businesses.

  • Work completion sheets were still being used by their clients in the cleaning vertical.

What they had to say

“Infraspeak is a simple, intuitive, practical and functional tool that has added standardisation and harmony to my operation.“

António Crespo

CAFM Manager

The solution

With an integrated Infraspeak everything is different

Whilst Infraspeak slotted into Sinal Mais operation and improved the way they handled maintenance and many other key processes, there were still further levels of centralisation and alignment that were required.

When Sinal Mais integrated Infraspeak with SAP, a market-leading ERP solution, they achieved the totally centralised operation that they had dreamed of. All departments, even those that didn't use Infraspeak on a daily basis, were perfectly aligned and all data processing and management were synchronised and updated. The final processes that were duplicated or done manually were automated.

For António Crespo, it was a transformative decision. Phase one was a success, and phase two of the integration will begin soon.