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About InterContinental Porto

The InterContinental Palacio das Cardosas, which opened in 2011, is located in the historical centre of Porto. Its opening was part of a wave of rehabilitation in the area and brought the Palacio das Cardosas back to its former splendour. It’s located a stone's throw away from popular tourist attractions like the city’s cathedral and São Bento train station.

This hotel belongs to the InterContinental Group, which has over 5,600 hotels in around 100 countries. Management has been using Infraspeak in the hotel since 2016, and the results have been very positive for all involved.

The problems

The Challenges

Inefficient communication
  • Filipe Soares, Engineer Lead, was inundated with over 40 calls a day causing miscommunication.

Excessively manual workflows
  • Filipe had to manually fill in long, detailed maintenance files which took up far too much of his time.

Poor cost and resource management
  • Intercontinental couldn’t track indicators on how preventive and reactive maintenance progressed.

  • There was no system in place to properly track spending and operational costs.

What they had to say

“The Housekeeping team quickly adapted to Infraspeak and they love it. They’re now reporting and fixing 70% of breakdowns using the Infraspeak Direct™ app”

Filipe Soares

Engineer Lead

The solution

An immediate improvement

It only took a month to set up the system, with virtually no effort required by the client, and the impact Infraspeak had on operations at InterContinental was astonishing.

The number of calls reduced from over 40 a day to just 10 thanks to Infraspeak Direct, our reporting interface. In turn, this massively improved troubleshooting efficiency and transparency.

Technicians now work with unprecedented efficiency as all data is stored on an innovative ID tag, and paperwork is finally a thing of the past!