How did the Vila Galé hotel group cut troubleshooting time by 50%?


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About Vila Galé

The Vila Galé hotel group is the second-largest in Portugal and is known for its high-quality hospitality experiences. With nearly three decades of experience, the group has 37 luxury hotels in major tourist destinations in Portugal and Brazil.

Their long track record and excellent reputation mean they are ranked as one of the Top 200 global hotel companies, and they continue to grow steadily, taking advantage of the post-pandemic boom.

In total, the group has around 8,500 rooms, 19,000 beds and over 3,000 employees.

The problem

The challenges

Slow response time
  • Slow troubleshooting and problem resolution negatively impacted guest satisfaction.

Inefficient use of staff resources

  • Vila Galé technicians and receptionists spent too long doing redundant and time-consuming tasks.

Managers wasting time
  • Managers had to micro-manage to see whether operational information was correct and up to date.

What they had to say

“Infraspeak has eliminated 80% of our calls and emails exchanged between maintenance and other sectors.”

Maintenance Officer

Vila Galé

The solution

Infraspeak steadies the ship

Vila Galé needed to bring efficiency, repeatability and precision to its operation to maintain the highest possible standards and protect its reputation.

With Infraspeak, this was achieved. Troubleshooting time was reduced by 50%, meaning malfunctions and issues for guests were solved in an instant, helping to protect assets and reduce maintenance costs along the way.

On top of this, managers time were able to focus on high-value tasks as they were weighed down by far less paperwork. Similarly, technicians received huge boosts in their productivity thanks to more transparent communication channels.