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What you can achieve with Infraspeak

Infraspeak connects your teams, assets, external software and IoT, transforming your data into real actions, with an immediate impact on your operations.


increase in efficiency by reducing your administrative workload through task automation.


reduction in maintenance calls, with instant work orders and a range of communication features.


reduction in MTTR by decreasing reaction times, task management and access to information.


The most flexible, connected, intelligent and user-friendly.

Infraspeak is an entire ecosystem of maintenance management resources that allows you to build a solution tailored to your operational needs.

Exceptional flexibility

Build your own solution by combining native apps, software integrations, and devices via Infraspeak Hub™.

Infraspeak Platform - Planner, Purchases, Requests, Stock...Infraspeak Platform - Planner, Purchases, Requests, Stock...

Integration is key

Connect every part of your operation by integrating Infraspeak with your favourite ERP, CRM, BMS, IoT and more.

Data, intelligence and automation

Infraspeak Gear™ transforms your data into intelligent suggestions, predictions, alerts and task automation.

Infraspeak Platform - Avoid nonconformitiesInfraspeak Platform - Avoid nonconformities

A platform for everyone

Our platform offers a web and mobile interfaces tailored for managers, field teams and even end-users.

Infraspeak Platform - new work orderInfraspeak Platform - new work order
CharacteristicsTraditional CMMSInfraspeak (IMMP)What does this mean?Implementation Time>1.5 monthsFrom 2 weeksInfraspeak customers can have the system up and running in as little time as 2 weeks.SoftwareMonolithPlatformInfraspeak integrates with external tools and resources that your teams need to work in a simpler, more intelligent way.Lifetime3-5 yearsUp to 15 yearsInfraspeak fully adapts to your operations and grows with your company, no need for a replacement tool.System typeSystem of recordsSystem of IntelligenceInfraspeak leverages it to provide you with smart suggestions, timely alerts and task automations.Average review4.45 out of 54.8 out of 5Users prefer Infraspeak to its competitors, based on the average ratings of 10+ competitors on Capterra.
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