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Mums know best! If you thrive in top-performing environments and love teamwork, Infraspeak could be perfect for you.


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Being a Source of Good Life

From day 1 at Infraspeak, you’ll hear the phrase “Be a Source of Good Life”. Translated from Portuguese, it’s the motto we live by. We believe that when technology and people work in harmony, we improve maintenance operations and add joy and quality of life to everyone — clients, staff and our community.

Individual impact

We believe any Infraspeaker can actively contribute to our mission. From interns to top management, we empower everyone to share ideas and try new things.

Social responsibility

At Infraspeak, we share the common goal of doing what we can to make the world a better place. We practice sustainability and social justice.


Yup, we went there: Teamwork makes the dream work. It’s true — only by sharing knowledge and experience can teams evolve and grow.

Vroom! Buckle up — we're growing fast.

Our foot is firmly on the gas! We're multiplying at breakneck speed and we won't stop until we conquer the (FM) world.






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The perks of being an Infraspeaker.

As well as highly competitive salaries and a world-class team, you’ll love:

Flexible working hours

So long as everyone completes their tasks and meets deadlines, there’s no need for rigid schedules. Enjoying life is part of the process!

Remote work

Feel free to work from home, one of our offices, or the comfort of the beach! We care about what you produce — not where you work from!

Perks Balance

Every Infraspeaker has a budget they can spend on new work gadgets, personal development, transportation, or just to improve their quality of life. Choose wisely!

Health Insurance

Infraspeakers in Brazil and in Portugal can use their perks balance to benefit from a corporate Healthcare Insurance partnership with national coverage.

Free snacks

Fresh fruit, crisps, biscuits, barbeques, juice, cake, beer… whatever the team brings in! Nobody likes to work on an empty stomach and you’ll never have to do that here.

Infraspeak University

You’ll have a budget to invest in books and access to our internal library, our Books Club. We also run internal events, Speak’Ins, where you can learn from colleagues.

Infraspeak Communities

We run several communities like Porto.Vue, Speak’Out, and participate in many more. We encourage our staff to get involved because we know growth is a two-way street.

Special prices and offers from Infraspeak Partners

We already have several partners that provide Infraspeakers with special discounts and offers, and the list keeps growing.

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