Boost your team’s productivity with intelligent field service management software.

Struggling to maintain operational efficiency? Without the right technology, it’s hard to track tasks, allocate resources and ensure optimal performance. Infraspeak's field service management software platform ensures full operational control, enhancing your field team's productivity.

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Infraspeak's core capabilities

Everything you need, from the office to the field

Preventive Maintenance
Work Order Management
Field Service Management
Analytics & Reporting
Inventory Management
Contractor & Vendor Management
What’s in it for you?

Gain full control, ensure compliance and boost team productivity.

Infraspeak elevates your field teams with streamlined processes, transparency, and efficiency. Our advanced capabilities, native apps, and integrations simplify field service management, service quality and maximising team productivity.

Gain full control

Centralise your entire operation and get real-time insight into each job, asset, technician and customer.

Improve compliance

Guarantee compliance with SLAs and ensure your operations and procedures meet industry standards and regulations.

Boost productivity

Maximise your field service teams’ productivity and increase workflow efficiency through intelligence and task automation.

Can your Field Service Management Software compete?

Infraspeak for Field Service Management

Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform

You can finally stop struggling to make the most of your resources, budget and time. Infraspeak provides you with powerful, real-time insights into your field service operations, drastically reducing repair times and other critical KPIs.

Maintenance Management Automation

Optimise scheduling and dispatch with automation

Infraspeak helps field service teams enhance productivity and cost-effectiveness by automating workflows, providing intelligent suggestions and optimising resource allocation through automation that cuts MTTR by up to 83%.

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Contractor & Vendor Management

Simplify procurement processes

Transform procurement with the Infraspeak Network™, a shared workspace that enables end-to-end cooperation and communication between field service providers and facility managers — work as one!

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Analytics & Reporting

Optimise operational costs with advanced analytics

Monitor vital KPIs via personalised dashboards, showcase performance records to clients through robust reports, and gain comprehensive insights into all aspects of your operations — from assets and inventory to compliance and expenses!

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Why Infraspeak

Why do top field service providers choose Infraspeak?

It’s flexible

Infraspeak is a platform by design, empowering you to customise a solution fit for your unique operational challenges.

It’s intelligent

It turns operational data into useful actions, such as timesaving automations, intelligent suggestions and timely alerts.

It’s collaborative

It provides a shared workspace that enables end-to-end collaboration between facility managers and field service providers.

Success stories

Don’t just take our word for it...

“I'm saving 2 hours a week. That’s 13 days a year. Infraspeak has revolutionised the way we work.”

Mike Kelley


“We lose much less information in comparison with the previous software. The platform allows us to review each job with ease and adjust plans and resources in the best way."

Antonio Sánchez Ródenes

Optima Facility

“Infraspeak is tailored for those who genuinely engage with the platform: technicians, cleaning professionals— not exclusively for managers.”

João Fidalgo


Who is it for?

A solution for every industry

Infraspeak is a versatile solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of various industries, among them:

Facility Management

Tracking team performance, maintenance expenses and compliance in one place, while centralising all asset info and managing procurement processes and inventory.

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Scheduling routine maintenance and housekeeping, avoiding downtime, keeping pace with evolving regulations, and elevating the guest experience for seamless stays.

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Keeping retail environments in pristine condition, reducing breakdown rates and ensuring business uptime, which depends on timely maintenance and interventions.

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We’re happy to help.

1. Why is an IMMP better than traditional FSM Software?

2. How can I start using Infraspeak?

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4. I'm afraid my team won't adapt. How easy is it to use?

5. How much does it cost?

6. I'm looking for a solution that integrates with a software I already use but don't see in your list of integrations. Is it possible to integrate it with Infraspeak?

Discover the true power of Infraspeak.

It’s user friendly

Online, offline, behind a desk or in the field.

It's flexible

Build your IMMP according to your needs.

24/7 customer support

Get unlimited, dedicated support.

Web & mobile

Available on desktop, tablet and smartphone.