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About Sundeala

Sundeala is known for being the creator of the world's first fibreboard for construction in 1898. Over a hundred years later, it remains one of its leading manufacturers.

These days the company combines traditional manufacturing methods with cutting-edge technology to offer a sustainable, 100% circular cellulose fibreboard and sends absolutely nothing to landfill in the process. They also refrain from harmful chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or formaldehyde. Plus, their products are still 100% British-made.

The problem

The challenges

Paper-based operationsfallback mark
  • Maintenance Manager, Mike Kelly, took over manually run operations in need of transformation.

  • To-do lists were written on a whiteboard, and jobs were on bits of paper.

The first attempt didn't succeed
  • Mike first tried to solve the problem with Excel but this didin't work either.

  • Data was still missing.

What they had to say

“They don’t even ask me what to do anymore, they just do it. Stuff just happens. Nobody wanders around aimlessly, they just look at the app and say ‘Oh, that needs doing’ and get on with that. Uptime increased a couple of hours a week.“

Mike Kelly

Maintenance Manager

The solution

Infraspeak provides Mike with a good night's sleep.

Infraspeak helped Mike go from urgent calls at 4 a.m. to seamless operations he can follow inside work hours. Suddenly they have a centralised, digitalised log of work orders and equipment history, transparent, real-time execution and Mike can spend more time doing what really matters: strategising on improving their operations.

Mike reports time savings of over 2 hours a week, equating to 13 days a year, and says the number of calls he receives has dropped by 60%. His technicians are now more indepedent and can leave any important notices directly on the app.