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About AvacPiquet

AvacPiquet provides post-sales, maintenance and technical assistance to heating, maintenance, and air conditioning equipment. It stands out for the quality of planning and execution of preventive and corrective equipment maintenance tasks, for clients from all over Portugal.

Since 2015, Infraspeak’s founding year, they use the platform to improve team communication and streamline the entire maintenance process.

The problem

The challenges

Troubleshooting was taking too long
  • In some cases, it was taking technicians up to 3 days to reach the right location due to disjointed, missing information — it wasn’t well organised. 

Too many errors were being made
  • Everything was on paper - it was expensive, bad for the environment and ...

  • Technicians, often overworked and struggling, filled in reports by hand and unfortunately, made mistakes. Clients couldn’t always read their writing!

What they had to say

“We reduced the average time elapsed between reporting and troubleshooting by 50% whilst saving 8 hours a week on admin tasks.”

Pedro Ribeiro


The solution
Not bad… just the 50% reduction in troubleshooting time! 

To achieve a 50% reduction in troubleshooting time for AvacPiquet, several things needed to happen.

Firstly, communication had to improve. This happened the moment the client was onboarded on Infraspeak’s system. All data became digitalised and updated, meaning technicians and managers could now immediately access all interventions and problems detected on equipment without room for error or misinterpretation.

Real-time status updates on workflows; any missing parts and components and the specialities required to work on broken assets were made available to all stakeholders. This stopped delays and meant all technician time was spent on fixing — not waiting!

The combined impact of centralised data and updated workflows and inventory notes was enough to halve troubleshooting time, making Infraspeak a very good investment for AvacPiquet.