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4 weeks

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About Four Views

Four Views is a hotel chain on the vibrant island of Madeira, Portugal, with a total of 747 rooms, across 3 sites: Four Views Monumental, Four Views Baía and Four Views Oásis.

It had been over 3 years since Four Views last invested in upgrading their hotel. Given the renewed post-pandemic interest in travel, a fresh lick of paint was long overdue. Four Views saw the need to impress guests returning with higher standards than ever, and decided to act.

The problem

The challenges

Costs were too high
  • Expenses were one of the main maintenance challenges.

  • Unexpected or miscalculated costs are multiplied by hundreds of units.

Information lost and time wasted
  • Simple processes made time-consuming due to lost information

  • The time to repair equipment failures was too long.

  • Stagnant communication channels caused inhibitively slow task resolution.

Poorly executed preventive maintenance
  • Paper-based preventive maintenance plans

  • Late completion of tasks, with some interventions,inhibitive left incomplete.

What they had to say

“Until I found Infraspeak, there was a frustrating limit to what I could achieve as the manager of three hotels, as I could only be in one place at a time — not anymore though”

Pedro Brazão

Maintenance Manager

The solution

With Infraspeak, everything is different.

According to Pedro Brazão, Maintenance Manager, Infraspeak has made Four Views’ operations more agile, reduced costs, halved failure resolution times, and improved maintenance compliance with strict environmental regulations, helping to keep hold of his important energy efficiency certificates.