Why was Infraspeak the perfect platform choice to help Work.Life prepare for European expansion?


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About Work.Life

Co-working company Work.Life was born in 2015 to provide healthy, happy workspaces for its members. Their mission is to be the market's favourite workspace provider' and to provide caring, thoughtful spaces at all costs. They have 16 coworking spaces across the UK, and are looking to expand both in the UK and into Europe.

The problem

The challenges

They were using a CRM to manage maintenance:
  • Work.Life were using Hubspot to handle maintenance requests

  • This meant they had 0 operational analytics or asset mapping

  • Work orders (or tickets) disappeared once resolved, leaving no way of tracking repeat problems

What they had to say

“We already relied on a modern tech stack to run other crucial areas of our operations and so it was an immediate bonus to learn that Infraspeak provided seamless integrations with all the platforms that were already in place.”

Megan Beard

Facilities Manager

The solution

A built-for-purpose IMMP makes all the difference.

Whilst Hubspot worked initially, after expanding from 9 to 16 sites, with the intention of growing operations even further, it became clear to Megan that a built-for-purpose maintenance management system was a priority.

Not only did Infraspeal already provide a direct improvement to their makeshift ticketing system, making corrective and preventive maintenance smoother and more efficient, it conveniently supported her entire tech stack via easy-to-use integrations. This meant there was no risk of data loss!