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About Teleperformance

With French origins and 11,000 employees in Portugal since 1994, Teleperformance is a multinational operating in the field of technology. It provides digital integration services to its clients on an outsourcing basis, taking responsibility for hiring and managing teams, equipment and offices.

In addition, Teleperformance Portugal manages 1,400 flats for employees who are hired from other regions of Portugal or other countries to work in Lisbon, Porto or the Algarve, where the company has offices.

The problem

The Challenges

High number of assets
  • The previous solution was unable to cope with the large number of requests.

The size of the team
  • With 100 more people involved in maintenance and logistics operations, the new solution had to be flexible and easy to use for everyone in this large team.

Complexity of processes
  • More complex procedures, such as a root implementation or changes to maintenance plans, took around a month to implement with the previous solution — there was an urgent need to speed things up.

What they had to say

"The platform makes our lives a lot easier, every day. But it's the people who make the platform. And for me, the biggest advantage of Infraspeak is the people who are involved in this work."

João Fidalgo

Maintenance Manager

The solution

A powerful platform for optimising time and resources.

After a one-week trial period, Teleperformance had no doubts: it wanted to work with Infraspeak to manage its maintenance operations. The platform's intuitive interface quickly won over all users, from managers to technicians. From the outset, there was a clear time saving in previously time-consuming tasks such as updating the inventory, a logistical process that has now been automated.

The permanent support of an Infraspeak specialist made the implementation of the platform a quick, smooth process that was totally suited to Teleperformance's needs. All the data from the old software was migrated to the new platform in just one night!

The efficiency and agility gained by technicians in the field was one of the first advantages identified: they can create work orders directly on the platform themselves, these are categorised according to priority and there is no longer any need for paper. Material requisition and approval by the manager takes place online, with the order sent directly to the supplier. These capabilities have led Teleperformance to double the number of work orders completed per day.

The centralisation of information and the speed of communication provided by the platform have allowed the team to gain autonomy and the company to reduce labour costs, particularly with external workers, who no longer need to be hired. What's more, the need for vehicles has dropped considerably.

In the near future, Teleperformance intends that Infraspeak's vast benefits and resources — especially the Infraspeak Network™ collaborative workspace — will begin to be used by other areas of the company, namely the Health & Safety department.