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Vila Galé

How the Vila Galé Group started to troubleshoot in half of the time?


Vila Galé



Implementation Time

3 months

Number of Rooms

7 454

The Vila Galé group is the second largest Portuguese hotel group. With nearly three decades of existence, it has 34 hotel units in Portugal and Brazil and is part of the ranking of the 200 largest hotel companies worldwide. In total, the group has 7,454 rooms, 15,286 beds and 3,200 employees.

Prior to Infraspeak, maintaining Vila Galé had some issues.
Long failure resolution time
All Vila Galé hotels have high standards for the experience they provide to their guests, wherefore answering maintenance requests has to be immediate.
Redundancy of tasks and bureaucracy
Vila Galé hotel technicians and receptionists spent too much time doing redundant and time-consuming tasks. Managers, on the other hand, had to constantly check whether the information was correct and up to date.
Infraspeak has made everything simpler.
After implementing our solution, Vila Galé was able to reduce their failure resolution time, while also focusing on higher value-added activities.
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