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Four Views

How does Four Views doubled the speed of operations with Infraspeak?


Four Views



Number of Rooms


Implementation Time

4 weeks

Four Views is a hotel chain in Madeira with a total of 747 rooms, divided between Four Views Monumental, Four Views Baía and Four Views Oásis.

With 25 years of activity and about three years since the last major overhaul, hotels are a recurring destination for guests from around the world who, year after year, return to their favorite Four Views expecting an ever-higher quality standard.

But before Infraspeak, not everything was perfect…
Costs were too high
A chain of more than 700 rooms has on its expenses one of the main maintenance challenges. Any unexpected or miscalculated costs are multiplied by hundreds of units.
Information lost; time wasted
Loss of information caused simple processes to be time-consuming, which meant, for example, that the time to repair equipment failures was too long. Streamlining the exchange of information and quickly enable task execution was urgent.
Poorly executed preventive maintenance
Preventive maintenance plans were made on paper, a practice that often means that plans aren’t fulfilled, and that tasks are done in overdue days, which can not be verified.
With Infraspeak, everything is different.
According to Pedro Brazão, Maintenance Manager, Infraspeak brought to Four Views more agility, cost reduction, half the failure resolution time, compliance with maintenance plans and strict environmental control, which helps to maintain the energy certifications of the hotels.
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