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About Frostline

Frostline is a Portuguese company with over 10 years of experience in the field of maintenance and installation of HVAC systems and solar thermal panels. The company specialises in preventive maintenance and has a track record in prolonging the best operating condition of the equipment.

They have a proactive and innovative team of about 50 employees spread across Portugal. The Pingo Doce supermarket chain is among its main customers. Pedro Graça is the Managing Partner and Head of Frostline’s Maintenance and Assistance Department, and a loyal user of Infraspeaker.

The problem

The challenges

Bureaucratic, inefficient processes
  • There was an over-reliance on emails for crucial processes like budget requests, and failure reporting.

  • Technicians and managers were often delayed in responding to emails due to the on-the-go nature of their work.

Poor management of contracted hours
  • Technicians were snowed under with requests, meaning that crucial hours that could’ve been spent running preventive maintenance were lost to admin.

  • No meaningful ability to log hours spent on work makes budgeting and writing contracts complicated.

Managers wasting time
  • Technicians would often arrive on-site without the crucial information required to complete the task. This would cause delays in troubleshooting or in ordering the required parts.

What they had to say

“The technicians can finally focus on doing what they do best: maintenance. Infraspeak handles the rest.”

Pedro Graça


The solution

Frostline — cool, calm and collected (at last!)

There was a pressing need for Frostline to integrate some much-needed streamlining and efficiency into their operations. Infraspeak provided the perfect platform for them. Managers that were bogged down with over 20 calls a day are now down to just one or two!

Additionally, everything is stored and organised on our centralised system making it much easier to search for crucial information.

As well as improving bureaucratic efficiency, Infraspeak successfully solved the bottlenecks impacting technician performance quality. Technicians now arrive on-site with all instructions detailed on their smartphones and never need to worry about logistics outside their remit. Furthermore, Infraspeak keeps track of time spent on each work order or planned job making it far easier to raise correct invoices. 

The result of all these improvements speaks for itself — Frostline close 40% more successful deals within a year of using Infraspeak.