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About Fernando Martins Ltd.

Fernando Martins Ltd. is a Portuguese maintenance company with over 15 years of experience in Technical Assistance and HVAC Maintenance. The family-run business serves over 300 clients including hotels, building managers, hospitals, data centres and cargo.

Fernando Martins Ltd. is also a firm believer in the holistic, sustainable approach that Infraspeak takes to maintenance. They care about their staff and recognise the importance of well-run facilities to cut costs. It was, in many ways, a natural fit.

The problem

The challenges

Inefficient communication and reporting
  • Slow, paper-based manual communication and planning were causing delays and too many human errors.

Poorly organised maintenance
  • Contracts were becoming muddled, deadlines were being missed and too much information was being lost.

Previous software unfit for purpose
  • The previous tool wasn’t anywhere near powerful or flexible enough to handle Fernando Martins Ltd.’s rapidly scaling operations.

What they had to say

"It’s all technicians want today. With Infraspeak, our technicians have more control over their work and automatic reporting. They don't need to fill in anything else and no longer want to work on paper. Having centralised information and service reports available once the work is completed is a great asset."

Diogo Pinto

Engineering Manager

The solution

An immediate upturn in results

Infraspeak provided the robust, flexible framework required by Fernando Martins Ltd. that they were calling out for. Rather than having disparate sources of information scattered across different parts of their operation, everything was centralised and simplified.

The result was much faster reporting and troubleshooting, better insight into operational performance and efficient performance on maintenance work.

The customer-focused interface we provided them was also a massive selling point, helping them to maintain more positive working relationships.