How Elecnor made maintenance management more efficient with Infraspeak





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Implementation time

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About Elecnor Data Centre

Elecnor is a company whose aim is to contribute to the economic and technological progress of the markets in which it operates through a comprehensive quality service. It also seeks to promote social welfare and sustainable development, which is why the digitalisation of its operations and the elimination of paper are fundamental.

The problem

The challenges

Automating daily tasks
  • The old process didn't save time on simple tasks

  • Paper-based maintenance management made activities less efficient

More efficient communication with customers 
  • A channel was needed to centralise communication with customers

  • Information was lost and response times were longer than expected

What they had to say

"Without a doubt, the support was and still is fundamental to the project. Our Customer Success Manager responds in less than 24 hours, always with solutions to our problems and requests."

Francisco Martinez

Maintenance Manager

The solution

Multiple operations, only one platform.

To solve these challenges, Elector chose to use Infraspeak as a tool for managing maintenance processes. After an implementation that took just two weeks, the team received training and quickly adapted to the platform — the user-friendliness of the interface also made it easier to accept.

As a result, the company started using Infraspeak to manage different types of maintenance and also to communicate with clients. The management of documents and reports through the platform has helped to eliminate paper from the operation, resulting not only in financial savings, but also in automated and traceable processes. This has made it possible to develop a more transparent maintenance management.

By including all operations on the platform, the company is already seeing the results of how digitalisation makes day-to-day activities easier. In addition, communication with customers has become more efficient, without information being lost and with the possibility of managing problems more quickly.