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How did Infraspeak help Frostline achieve 40% more contracts?




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Frostline is a Portuguese company with over 10 years of experience in the field of ​​maintenance and installation of HVAC systems and solar thermal panels. The company focuses on preventive maintenance to provide the best possible service to its customers, ensuring the best operating condition of the equipment.

They work all over the country, with a proactive and innovative team of about 50 employees. The Pingo Doce supermarket chain is among its main customers.

Pedro Graça, Managing Partner and Head of Frostline’s Maintenance and Assistance Department, sees Infraspeak as more than a service provider — a true partner.
But before Infraspeak, Frostline’s operations needed organisation.

Overwork Bureaucracy
The manager was overwhelmed with emails about budget requests, calls from technicians to report equipment failures and interruptions in his daily work for information requests or guides so that the technicians could complete their fieldwork.
Minimal control over contracted hours
The overflow of requests from technicians meant that preventive maintenance hours were lost to other, more pressing tasks. In addition, it was hard to know precisely how many hours were spent on each type of task or equipment, which hampered the creation of budgets and contracts.
Unawareness regarding the tasks by technicians
The technicians did not know the details of the malfunctions they would encounter until they arrived at the site, which resulted, for instance,  in delays in the process of ordering parts for repair, also resulting in above-optimal failure resolution time.
But then came Infraspeak.
After implementing Infraspeak, Pedro Graça reports a drastic reduction in the number of maintenance calls received and clear improvements in promptness regarding failure resolution, as well as greater control over work time and tasks completed.
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