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InterContinental Porto

How did InterContinental Porto reduce maintenance calls by 75%?





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InterContinental Palacio das Cardosas, operating since 2011, is located in the historical center of Porto. Its opening represented a rehabilitation of the area, which brought Palacio das Cardosas back to its splendor.

This hotel belongs to the InterContinental Group, which has over 5,600 hotels in around 100 countries. Since September 2016, management has been focusing on Infraspeak as a management tool and the results are the best.
The situation prior to Infraspeak was not ideal.
Too many maintenance calls
Filipe Soares, Engineer at InterContinental, received over 40 daily calls with maintenance requests which, due to miscommunication, often caused work interruptions.
Minimal agility in maintenance work
Given the large amount of work in the hotel, a tool was needed to enhance quality and agility. Filipe Soares’ work included frequently filling in files with all maintenance activities, manually.
Minimal control over time and costs
Without a system that would allow real-time indicators to be tracked, the manager had little control over the task execution times, as well as preventive and corrective maintenance costs.
Then came Infraspeak.
With the use of Infraspeak, the InterContinental Palacio das Cardosas team was able to fix these problems and still see improvements in paper usage and housekeeping team’s agility with the help of Infraspeak Direct.
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