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How has Avacpiquet reduced failure resolution time by 50%?




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Avacpiquet provides after-sales, maintenance and technical assistance to heating, cooling and air conditioning equipment. They stand out for the quality of planning and execution of preventive and corrective maintenance tasks, for clients from all over Portugal.

Since 2015, Infraspeak’s founding year, they use the platform to improve team communication and streamline the entire maintenance process.

Until 2015, Avacpiquet had been facing some challenges.
Their failure resolution time was too high.
Since the required information was not immediately available, it took the team up to 3 days to reach the location, check the malfunction, report the information, provide the necessary spare parts and solve the problem.
Maintenance errors.
Sometimes, the technicians filled out the reports with mistakes — which were hard to identify and manage — which resulted in lower-quality service and dissatisfied customers.
Lack of flexibility.
Managing their teams and those responsible for each intervention was difficult, given the lack of available information (or difficulty in accessing it) about the intervention histories and the documentation of the equipment in question.
And then came Infraspeak.
After implementing Infraspeak, everything changed.. With much easier access to all information, Avacpiquet was able to solve these problems, besides getting rid of all paper and even reducing the time it takes them to invoice.
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