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Infraspeak Mobile

With Infraspeak Mobile, technicians have the full power of Infraspeak at their fingertips.

Create work orders with your smartphone and NFC tags.
Check your calendar and see all your daily tasks.
Gain super-powers!
Have everything you need at your fingertips.
View asset information through NFC technology
Technicians can quickly check all equipment details and confirm their presence at the location of the asset through NFC technology. All they need is a smartphone.

Work Order creation
Technicians can easily create work orders through Infraspeak’s mobile app by waving a phone in front of the NFC tag and associating a work order to that equipment or site.

Offline mode
Infraspeak’s mobile app also works in offline mode. This is particularly useful in places where technicians have no access to a strong internet connection like basements or remote areas.
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