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Infraspeak Direct

Decrease your failure resolution times by allowing all staff members and even customers to report them directly to the platform.

Give access
All your staff members can report failures.
Report and track
Track every failure’s status on web or mobile.
Improve communication!
Your team will react much faster to requests.
Features you will love
Made for the entire team
All your staff members and even customers can use Infraspeak Direct, allowing you to reduce the administrative burden by decentralizing failure reporting.

Check the status of works and failures
Track the status of any open failure and the percentage of completion of any preventive work with Infraspeak, in real-time. Infraspeak Direct also provides information on upcoming preventive maintenance interventions.

Message exchanging through Infraspeak Direct
Technicians and other users can exchange messages through the platform. When reporting a failure that needs details or specifications, users can easily write a message and pass this information to technicians.

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