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About Optima Facility

Optima Facility is a Facility Management and Maintenance company with over 2,000 operational centres in Spain and over 6,000 employees.

Most clients have technicians working on-site, exclusively dedicated to that maintenance contract, but there is also a mobile unit with 6 technicians to support specialised tasks and provide services to clients who do not have technicians permanently on their premises.

The problem

The challenges

Large complex operations
  • Huge amounts of data stored across many sources. 

  • No centralised asset list for mobile unit of operation.

Information loss hampered the progress
  • The CMMS system they used to use did not meet all the requirements of the manager and led to some information loss.

What they had to say

“Compared to the previous software, with Infraspeak we lose much less information. In addition, the platform allows us to review each job with ease and adjust plans and resources in the best way.”

Antonio Sánchez Ródenes

Technical Services Manager

The solution

Instant impact, and Optima has only just begun! 

This unit already has 76 clients, 94 buildings, and 1000 assets registered on the platform, 92.9% of which are identified with an NFC tag. Technicians

can access all the information about each piece of equipment on the mobile app straight away, including user manuals and previous maintenance records.

The challenge now is to expand Infraspeak from the mobile unit to Optima’s thousands of operating centres across Spain. However, they already introduce the platform to all clients who don’t use any kind of maintenance management software.