Why did LSN Diffusion choose Infraspeak to fully digitalise their operations?

Nearly 300

managed assets

200 paperless

work orders/month

3-4 hours

saved per request

1 month

onboarding process

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About LSN Diffusion

The team at LSN Diffusion are experts in the manufacture and application of high alloy atomised powders used in surface engineering, high-temperature brazing, additive manufacturing and hot isostatic pressing. They supply automotive companies, glass industries, dental, oil, nuclear and submarines, including big clients like Rolls Royce.

The problem

The challenges

Incomplete digitalisation of operations:
  • The existing system, which had been in place for 10 years, hadn't scaled as required and couldn't digitalise all areas of their operation.

Inefficient and unsustainable maintenance management:
  • Paper print-outs were still being used for crucial processes.

  • Preventive maintenance was slow and susceptible to human error.

What they had to say

“We had a demo and it sort of sold itself to us straight away. We liked everything we saw on the demo and told him [their manager] to go for it”.

Lewis Alford

Maintenance Engineer

The solution

Infraspeak makes an instant improvement.

Supported by the customer success team, Lewis and his team were able to bring their maintenance operations up to speed from the get-go, solving over 200 work orders without any paper just in the first month alone.

He's been working closely with Infraspeak to upskill their team so he can extract even more value from the intelligent maintenance management platform (IMMP).