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It’s time to take your maintenance team
to the next level.

Manage everything that’s happening with your maintenance team in real-time.

Why do Maintenance Managers choose Infraspeak?
Everything in one place.
With Infraspeak everything is centralised. Know what your team is doing, how they’re doing it and what still needs to be done.
Stay one step ahead.
Gain access to several indicators and statistics that will help you make the right decisions at the right times.
Enhanced communication!
Say goodbye to countless emails and phone calls between managers and technicians and make way for automatic, real-time information updates.
Top Benefits


Preventive maintenance plans
With Infraspeak’s Preventive Maintenance module, maintenance managers can view every technician’s pending or scheduled tasks ahead of time.


Need a report? Done!
With just a few clicks, Infraspeak will automatically generate comprehensive reports for your buildings, users, preventive and corrective maintenance and a lot more.
Reactive Maintenance
Report and manage work orders with Infraspeak’s reactive maintenance features.
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Plan, perform and analyse complete audits to your facilities and operations with Infraspeak.
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Stay on top of your performance indicators, share your data and make better decisions.
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Stock Management
Monitor, manage and track all items in your stockroom and plan your orders in advance.
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“As the only manager of three hotels, I can’t be at all of them every day. But now I can manage everything in Infraspeak, wherever I am.”

Pedro Brazão

Maintenance Manager at Four Views

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