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Provide more than a good night’s sleep.

Be aware of everything that’s going on with your staff and solve problems before your customers even see them.

Why do Hotels work better with Infraspeak?
Every department counts.
Infraspeak simplifies communication between managers, maintenance technicians and housekeeping staff to keep all teams fully integrated.
Faster reaction times.
Have your staff react to work orders or requests in a heartbeat with instant notifications and full descriptions of the problems.
Happier guests!
Provide an impeccable service to your guests for a more memorable experience and to maintain higher levels of customer satisfaction.
Top Benefits


Work order creation made simpler
With our intuitive interface for work order creation, Infraspeak Direct, your team can report any problem in real time. Decrease your resolution times and keep your guests happier.


Preventive maintenance plans
With Infraspeak’s Preventive Maintenance module, maintenance managers can view every technician’s pending or scheduled task ahead of time. 
Plan, perform and analyse complete audits to your facilities and operations with Infraspeak.
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Order Management
Optimise your purchasing process for all items and services.
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Service Level Agreements
Never miss a deadline again by setting SLAs for work orders and preventive jobs.
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Stock Management
Monitor, manage and track all items in your stockroom and plan your orders in advance.
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“With Infraspeak, everything is handled from start to finish and nothing gets forgotten. Every failure in the rooms or in the hotel’s surroundings is reported in the platform, allowing maintenance to solve them on time.”

Paulo Martins

Maintenance Manager at Vidago Palace & Pedras Salgadas Spa & Nature Park.

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