Meet expectations by delivering the most transparent and consistent maintenance management around

We live in a super demanding world. Stand out from the crowd by delivering the best quality of service. Infraspeak helps you respond efficiently to requests and maintenance standards no matter how complicated they are, and most importantly – save time and money!

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The Future of Maintenance: A Practical Guide to Maintenance 5.0

What do Industry 5.0 and Maintenance 5.0 look like? What technologies should we be looking out for? How can you prepare for it? This free ebook covers it all.



How can you avoid reactive maintenance? A whitepaper

We cover some tried and tested strategies to decrease downtime and reactive maintenance, and explain how technology complements them perfectly.



The Ultimate Guide to Maintenance Management Efficiency

Learn how to achieve top maintenance management efficiency. In this guide, we compiled 50 actionable ways to drive efficiency in maintenance management.

Infraspeak for maintenance

Why do top maintenance providers choose Infraspeak?

Infraspeak helps maintenance service providers deliver a better service by facilitating transparent communication with customers and making operations more efficient and profitable through data, intelligence and automation.

Full autonomy. Full visibility

We know you have a lot on your plate already — we got you. Infraspeak makes your life easier with real-time insight into buildings, equipment, technicians and customers.

Say cheerio to paper

Reduce administrative workloads, simplify communication with your team and customers, decrease reaction times to failures by 50% and quote requests by using Infraspeak Direct.

Meet quality standards at all times

Build a reputation for excellence by always meeting your SLAs, providing high-quality maintenance services and staying fully compliant with regulations.

Intelligent platform for maintenance providers

Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform

Reactive maintenance

Cut reaction times in half

Simple in-app failure reporting cuts your reaction time to urgent maintenance requests. Automatically assign work orders to the right technician according to their specialisation and mark tasks as priorities — all this without picking up your phone!

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Preventive Maintenance

Perfectly precise prevention

Did you know 30% of preventive maintenance tasks are performed too often? You need reliability which is achieved by properly scheduling interventions. Automate task management, set meter- and usage-based maintenance work orders.

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Reporting & Analytics

A pocket-sized library of data

We’ve provided in-depth, automatic reports on deployments with over 5,500 assets split across 6 sites — nothing is too complex for us! Customise reports with relevant KPIs and share them with your customers in a few clicks.

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Success stories

Don’t just take our word for it...

“One of the main advantages of Infraspeak is that it eliminates the need for worrying about everything that’s happening since it displays it all in a single platform.”

Filipe Soares

InterContinental Porto

“Now we spend 8 fewer hours doing administrative work every week.”

Pedro Ribeiro


“Today we have a more reliable, centralised and accessible process which works for everyone."

Miguel Macedo