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Quintinha de São João

How did the Quintinha de São João team become more efficient and motivated with Infraspeak?


Quintinha de São João



Number of Rooms


Implementation Time

2 weeks

Located on the paradise island of Madeira, Quintinha São João is a cozy and intimate hotel in Funchal. Each detail of the guest’s stay is envisioned to give all the comfort and due attention, provided by the 42 staff members dedicated in maintaining the structure of only 42 rooms.

At Quintinha, one employee per room is no overdo, it is dedication: time is precious around here, and everyone should have quality time to enjoy the wonders of Madeira. This includes both those who stay and those who work at Quintinha São João.
But for that to work, help was needed.
The operations lacked efficiency

The maintenance routines were all based on paper and bureaucratic. The failure reporting was also done on paper, filled by a team member, which then was passed to the manager, referred to the maintenance team and handed over to the manager, again.
The service could not be mechanisd
Although the team needs a technological solution to streamline the operation, the secret of Quintinha de São João lies in its personalised service, wherefore the excessive process automation does not match the hotel’s values.
Poor communication, unsatisfied employees
In addition to the excessive bureaucracy and poor efficiency in failure reporting, there was minimal integration between maintenance and housekeeping teams, which sometimes resulted in frustration for the employees.
But the ideal solution came by: Infraspeak.
According to André Barreto, administrator and owner of Quintinha de São João, the maintenance and housekeeping teams have seen their work facilitated, their communication improved and their motivation increased, while never compromising the personalised service that it’s characteristic of the hotel.
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