Workplace & Facilities Expo

40% more business? 100% SLA compliance? We’ve got your back.

As a smart solution for Maintenance Management, Infraspeak will be attending the Workplace & Facilities Expo 2020 in Dublin and we’re bringing our amazing team of specialists to showcase our platform and show you how we can help make your operations intelligent.

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About the Event

The Workplace & Facilities Expo showcases the latest in essential Facilities Management services such as maintenance, cleaning, health & safety, fire safety and security and energy, among others.

A gathering of buyers, sellers and decision makers providing functional and effective new technologies in facilities management to enhance employee experience, improve wellbeing and reduce staff turnover with a direct impact on operational efficiency.


RDS Dublin


3-4 March 2020


Infraspeak provides a maintenance management solution used by over 40,000 teams, every day.

Be in control so you never miss an SLA again

Infraspeak is the only solution that validates your technicians presence on site with built-in tools that can guarantee your teams are recognised for the work they do while making sure management can closely track every task undertaken at any building you manage.

Everyone is focused on what matters

Information is centralised on the platform and automatically available to everyone. Your technicians can access all the information they need beforehand and become more autonomous so you don’t get overwhelmed with information, requests and guides. You’re finally able to focus on growing your business.

Need support? We’ve got your back!

On-site implementation by an Infraspeak technical expert and simple and intuitive training courses for your technicians with a modular platform capable of adapting to your way of working. Your organisation also benefits from the combined knowledge of over 40,000 teams who, like you, use Infraspeak on a daily basis.