Infraspeak IoT Store is out now! • Connect, Monitor and Control your maintenance operations.

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Make your customers want to come back.

Simplify your processes and optimise inventory management to guarantee great customer experiences.

Why does Retail work better with Infraspeak?
Vendor relationships simplified.
Simplify your business routines and communication to turn complex relationships into successful partnerships.
Flawless service, happy customers!
Provide your customers with an outstanding shopping experience and make them want to come back.
Never too much, never too little.
Track and monitor the movement of consumables and keep up to date with all of your stockroom’s activity.
Features you will love


Integrated Stock Management
With Infraspeak’s Stock Management module, you can easily monitor and manage every item in your stockroom. Find out where your resources are being spent and optimise your orders.


Everything in its right place

Infraspeak’s Asset Management module allows you to register and organise all of your assets, rooms, floors and buildings. Everything is exactly where it belongs!

“Infraspeak’s app brings improved efficiency and effectiveness to maintenance management, handling of requests and failure resolution.”

Ana Ester Silva

Project Manager and Technical Sales Manager at Siemens

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Cost Management
Lower your costs and optimise your budgets by staying on top of your maintenance spending.
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Order Management
Optimise your purchasing process for all items and services.
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Plan, perform and analyse complete audits to your facilities and operations with Infraspeak.
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Streamline failure resolution by answering your technicians’ requests through our platform.
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