Infraspeak IoT Store is out now! • Connect, Monitor and Control your maintenance operations.

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Stay on top of your performance indicators, share your data and make better decisions.

Access dozens of KPIs and choose how to display them.
Export your data and share it with your company.
Make great decisions!
Make the right decision at the right time.
Features you will love
In-depth performance indicators
Infraspeak’s Reports module provides managers with a range of in-depth and customisable KPIs such as preventive and corrective maintenance performance, economic analysis, service level agreements, and more.

Instant data export
All collected data and performance indicators can be exported as Excel or PDF files, allowing you to store and share them with your team or your supervisors.

Automatic and comprehensive reports
With just a few cicks, Infraspeak can generate several different kinds of automatic and complete reports, such as building, requests and stock movements reports among others.

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