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Gear up.

Welcome to the future of maintenance management.

Enter a world of data, intelligence, and automation.
Infraspeak Gear™ is the unique, intelligent core at the very centre of our intelligent maintenance management platform.

Whether it’s your team, assets, other software or even IoT devices, Infraspeak Gear™ takes all data generated by your operation to give you actionable insights, task automation and intelligent suggestions that truly improve your operations.

Gear up for intelligent maintenance.
Gear up for the future.
Luís Martins
CTO & VP of Product
What does Infraspeak Gear™ mean?


Predictive Power
Data intelligence to optimise your operation.
Infraspeak Gear™ transforms all collected data into real actions with a real impact on your operations so you can answer your own, unique challenges.

Infraspeak Gear™ Automation


Increased Automation
Intelligent technology at your service.
Infraspeak Gear automates your workflows, creates and assigns work orders automatically and optimises your resource allocation.


Hello, Gear!
Infraspeak Gear™ is there for you so you can be there for your team! 
Your new assistant gives you intelligent suggestions and alerts you for critical issues, saving you time for what really matters – to make your operations flow!
See how it works
See the Infraspeak Gear™ in action and get ready to enter a world of data, intelligence and automation.