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Infraspeak Hub™

An entire ecosystem of maintenance resources at your disposal.

Build your own Infraspeak by connecting our Native Apps, other Software, IoT and Hardware into a single platform.

Build your own Infraspeak

Your maintenance operations are made of unique challenges and unique people.

Why not build your own unique platform, then?

With Infraspeak Hub™, you gain the flexibility you need to build your own maintenance management platform, capable of answering your own operational challenges.

Connect all your apps, integrations and hardware into a custom solution that best fits your business. Gain the intelligence you need to efficiently gear up your operations and match the increasing complexity of the world around us.

Flexible to the core.

Pick and choose from dozens of available native apps, select the ones that better suit your operations and build your own platform.

Work Orders
Location Awareness

Integration is key.

Connect every part of your operation into a much larger and powerful tool with the most integrated platform in the market.

Power BI
Google Calendar

More data, better decisions.

Step up your operational control and collect more data on your operations with the latest NFC and IoT technology.

Build yours now.
Check out our Infraspeak Hub Builder and simulate your unique set of apps, integrations and hardware, based on your own goals and operational needs.