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Building Management

Organise your infrastructures and simplify the identification and traceability of your assets.

List all your buildings and sites under a customisable tree-system.
Decide who’s the team member in charge of each building or site.
Have it all organised!
Your assets will be better organised and easily traceable.
Assignees for each building or site
Infraspeak’s Building Management module allows managers to assign maintenance technicians or housekeeping staff to different tasks and respective building or site.

Structure that eases up reporting
Having sites properly tagged makes it simpler for the team to know precisely where each problem reported is located. The more detailed your tree-system is, the faster it is to access a specific site.

Detailed Building Reports
Get full reports on all interventions performed inside each building within a given timeframe. Managers can also check real-time information about maintenance performance, stock, costs, and more.

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