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One platform.
All maintenance.

Infraspeak is an intelligent platform where you build solutions to your maintenance challenges by using multiple apps that work together.
It’s magic!

Reactive Maintenance
Report and manage work orders with Infraspeak’s reactive maintenance features.
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Preventive Maintenance
Plan and execute all your preventive maintenance tasks in an easy and intuitive way.
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Plan, perform and analyse complete audits to your facilities and operations with Infraspeak.
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Asset Management
Keep track of the status, economic information and associated documents for all your assets.
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Stay on top of your performance indicators, share your data and make better decisions.
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Order Management
Optimise your purchasing process for all items and services.
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Stock Management
Monitor, manage and track all items in your stockroom and plan your orders in advance.
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Cost Management
Lower your costs and optimise your budgets by staying on top of your maintenance spending.
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Document Management
Store and easily access all technical and legal documentation for all your assets.
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Service Level Agreements
Never miss a deadline again by setting SLAs for work orders and preventive works.
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Streamline job execution by answering your technicians’ requests through our platform.
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Building Management
Organise your infrastructures and simplify the identification and traceability of your assets.
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Special Works
Plan and execute operations unrelated to preventive or corrective maintenance.
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Infraspeak Mobile
All our platform’s power at your fingertips, wherever you are.
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Infraspeak Direct
Allow your customers or staff to report failures directly to your system in a simple platform.
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Stay on top of your team’s responsibilities and plan their workload accordingly.
Infraspeak Planner
A planner developed for complex teams with busy managers.
Easily authenticate your reports and official documents with your digital signature.
Economic Analysis
Control your maintenance costs and economic information of each of your assets.
Predict and optimise costs, total energy consumption and water usage.
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