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Fernando Martins, Lda

How did Fernando Martins, Lda gain competitive advantage over the competition with Infraspeak?


Fernando Martins, Lda


HVAC Service Providers

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Fernando Martins, Lda is a company with over 15 years of experience HVAC Services and Maintenance With over 300 clients from the most diverse business areas, it is recognised for its competence, professionalism and innovative solutions in the sector.

Fernando Martins, Lda found in Infraspeak more than just a service: a true partnership. The goal of this joint work is continuous improvement, setting new standards in a market as competitive as air-conditioning and refrigeration.

Before Infraspeak, not everything was optimal…
Communication was inefficient
According to Rita Martins, HR and Quality Manager at Fernando Martins, Lda, the maintenance contract planning was done manually, which led to losses of information between the technicians, the managers and the customers.
Maintenance needed organisation
To achieve their goals and overcome their challenges, it was indispensable to organise contracts and ensure a better planning and compliance with scheduled maintenance and technical assistance plans.
The previously used software was not suitable
The previously used tool by Fernando Martins did not had the necessary flexibility as it was developed for different Facility Management services other than technical assistance.
And then came Infraspeak.
After implementing Infraspeak, Fernando Martins, Lda saw improvements in their technicians’ work efficiency, the quality of the service provided and even in terms of marketing and customer acquisition.
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