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Service Level Agreements

Never miss a deadline again by setting SLAs for failure resolutions and preventive works.

Meet your services quality standards and deadlines.
Make your operations efficient and meet goals.
Be reliable!
Build a reputation for excellence.
Multiple conditions for failure SLA assignment
Customise SLAs for failures based on conditions such as failure area or type, client or building or failure priority. After your SLA has been set, all reported failures that fit those conditions will be displayed under that SLA.

SLAs for preventive works
When creating a new preventive work you can directly set a Service Level Agreement regarding the period between its scheduled time and its start or execution, much in the same way as corrective maintenance SLAs.

Real-time tracking and reminders
Choose which users should be notified when the deadline is about to expire. When the SLA module is active, the Corrective Maintenance module will display the SLA status and deadlines for each failure.
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