Infraspeak IoT Store is out now! • Connect, Monitor and Control your maintenance operations.

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Being reliable has never been easier.

Schedule periods of equipment downtime, monitor performance and always meet your production quotas.

Why does Manufacturing work better with Infraspeak?
Goodbye downtime!
Avoid financial losses caused by downtime with precise preventive maintenance plans and Service Level Agreements tracking.
Maximum equipment reliability.
Achieve your production goals with well-crafted plans and management solutions focused on production efficiency and reliability.
Everyone on the same boat!
Understand which type of maintenance is best aligned with your business goals and make sure everyone is working towards the same goals.
Features you will love


More than just numbers
Infraspeak’s Economic Analysis module guarantees a better understanding of financial data, the economic value of assets and all other operation costs.


Detailed equipment management

Increase productivity and control over all your assets. Infraspeak keeps technicians, managers and executives in the loop to help them reach the highest performance levels.

“Before, it was all up to me. Now everything is in Infraspeak. I can rest assured that my colleagues have access to everything and solve any situation without depending on one person”

Pedro Graça

Managing Partner and Head of Maintenance and Service at Frostline.

Get to know our apps
Preventive Maintenance
Plan and execute all your preventive maintenance tasks in an easy and intuitive way.
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Asset Management
Keep track of the status, economic information and associated documents for all your assets.
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Corrective Maintenance
Report and manage failures with Infraspeak’s corrective maintenance features.
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Plan, perform and analyse complete audits to your facilities and operations with Infraspeak.
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