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Your next step towards excellence.

Optimise all of your facilities and maintenance processes so that you can provide a better service and focus on what matters.

Why do General Managers choose Infraspeak?
Worry less, grow more.
With Infraspeak, it’s easier to oversee key performance indicators and focus on improving your company’s performance.
Maximum customer satisfaction.
If everything works properly, your service will be better, your customers will be happy and your business will thrive.
No paper, no stress.
Save both time and money by having all of your maintenance operations controlled from one platform.
Top Benefits


A number of indicators on corrective and preventive maintenance, costs, stock flow and SLAs allow facility managers to track each department’s performance and what to change.


Full flexibility
Infraspeak is a fully flexible platform. Choose which Apps to install according to your industry standards or business needs and fully customise your platform.
Cost Management
Lower your costs and optimise your budgets by staying on top of your maintenance spending.
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Stay on top of your performance indicators, share your data and make better decisions.
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Service Level Agreements
Never miss a deadline again by setting SLAs for work orders and preventive jobs.
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Preventive Maintenance
Plan and execute all your preventive maintenance tasks in an easy and intuitive way.
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“It seems as though Infraspeak was tailor-made for us.”

Pedro Graça

Managing Partner and Head of Maintenance and Service at Frostline

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