Gain full control over your facility operations.

Infraspeak is an Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform (IMMP) that empowers facility managers and service providers by providing full operational control, guaranteeing compliance with regulations and SLAs, and boosting team productivity.

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Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform

An innovative solution for maintenance and facilities management teams.

Whatever worked 10 years ago doesn’t cut it anymore. Infraspeak gives you the edge, ensuring your team is always ahead, anticipating challenges and proactively managing resources.


Gain full control of your operations

Seize the power to manage your operations and resources effectively, regardless of complexity.


Guarantee compliance with regulations and SLAs

Have your operations and procedures meet all industry standards, regulations and customer expectations.


Boost your team's productivity

Leverage intelligence to overcome operational bottlenecks and elevate workflow efficiency.

The #1 IMMP in the market

Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform

An IMMP brings something other solutions lack: intelligence. Infraspeak boasts cutting-edge capabilities to bring full control to your task execution, resource allocation and workflows.

Preventive Maintenance

Plan ahead and prolong asset lifetime

Infraspeak leverages intelligence to extend asset lifetime and reduce downtime thanks to custom preventive maintenance plans for each asset type, automated task scheduling, and seamless integrations with IoT sensors or BMS.

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Work order management

Reduce MTTR by up to 83% with automation

Streamline reactive maintenance by automating workflows, creating and assigning work orders automatically, optimising your resource allocation and preventing late reaction times

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Analytics & Reporting

Save time and money with robust analytics

Track crucial KPIs, build personalised dashboards and explore dozens of robust report templates. This provides comprehensive insights into all corners of your operations — assets, inventory, compliance and more!

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Compliance & Inspection Management

Improve SLA completion rates

Create flawless preventive maintenance plans, custom audits and risk assessments for each asset, ensuring compliance with previously established SLAs and legal regulations. Run fire, health & safety checks seamlessly!

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Contractor & Vendor Management

Simplify procurement processes

Transform procurement with the Infraspeak Network™, a shared workspace that enables end-to-end cooperation and communication between FMs and field service providers — work as one!

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Why Infraspeak?

Why do the leading facilities management companies choose Infraspeak?

Infraspeak is a future-ready tool designed to address the demands of Maintenance 5.0. Whether transitioning from paper work orders or a traditional CMMS, our IMMP is the ultimate solution to your challenges.

It’s flexible

Infraspeak is a platform by design, purposefully crafted to address your unique operational challenges.

It’s intelligent

It turns operational data into useful actions, such as time-saving automations, intelligent suggestions and timely alerts.

It’s collaborative

It provides a shared workspace that enables end-to-end collaboration between facility managers and service providers.

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The most integrated platform around

Open the doors to interoperability

Whether you’re expanding your operation, investing in IoT or simply trying to integrate your existing software, Infraspeak scales with your business by integrating it with the right tool at the right time.

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Take a look at our available integrations, and talk to our team if you can't find what you're looking for.

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Who's it for?

A solution for every industry

Facility Management
Facilities Services
Educational Institutions
Electrical Maintenance
Industrial Maintenance

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