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You assist them, we assist you.

Manage all your buildings and clients from a single platform. Maintain and repair your assets with a well-organised maintenance schedule for the whole team.

Why do Facilities Services Providers work better with Infraspeak?
Better decisions, less downtime.
Improve the field team’s autonomy and make smarter decisions based on reliable key performance indicators.
Effective maintenance plans.
All your maintenance records in a single place to improve the reliability of information and the quality of your service.
Know the ins and outs of every task!
Support operations with better task distribution for a constant grasp on the “whos, whats, whens and wheres” of your tasks.

Top Benefits


Data-driven decision making
With Infraspeak’s in-depth indicators, there’s no more guessing. Access dozens of KPIs, choose how to display, export and share them and make better decisions.


Never miss a deadline
Never miss a deadline again by setting SLAs for failure resolutions and preventive works. Meet quality standards and time frames and build a reputation for excellence.
Document Management
Store and easily access all technical and legal documentation for all your assets.
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Stay on top of your performance indicators, share your data and make better decisions.
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Asset Management
Keep track of the status, economic information and associated documents for all your assets.
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Service Level Agreements
Never miss a deadline again by setting SLAs for failure resolutions and preventive works.
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“We reduced the time gap between reporting and solving failures by 50%”

Pedro Ribeiro


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