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Three weeks of Sales Development masterclasses and 100% remote training for people that want to change the game –– for real!

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How does the Camp work?

We’ve developed a tailor-made plan of training sessions with experienced sales development professionals, where you will learn as much as possible about the Sales Development Representative role – at Infraspeak.

You will be evaluated during the whole program, so we may ask you to end your journey and leave the program at any time. In the end, Infraspeak is going to hire 4 Sales Dev Campers (max).

How long will the camp be running for?

The SalesDevCamp will last 15 days –– from July 13th to 31st 2020.

Is it a full-time program?

The SalesDevCamp is a full-time and fully-remote (100% Online) program. We ask for total commitment. So, yes: you have to participate in all masterclass sessions and run on-the-job training challenges.

Do I have to pay for the Camp?

Nope! You are actually going to be paid €100 a week.

If I make it to the final stage, will there be a job opportunity after?

Yes! We have 4 spots (max) open for the best campers.

Do I need to have any experience or background in sales dev to participate in the program?

No! This program is dedicated to people who want to change their professional trajectory and haven’t yet had the opportunity and the courage to do so. You need to be passionate about sales and passionate about technology.

Are you the profile we are looking for?

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