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Manage your facilities like never before.

Gain full control over your operations and detailed insights into how each department is performing.

Why do Facility Managers choose Infraspeak?
Integration is key.
Have all your departments integrated as one. Connect stock, costs, suppliers, corrective and preventive maintenance and much more.
Goodbye headaches!
With Infraspeak nothing goes unnoticed. Any potential problem can be identified early on, saving you all the trouble later.
“404: Paper not found”
Stuffed file cabinets, lost reports and duplicated documents… not anymore! Infraspeak is the simpler and more sustainable alternative to paper.
Top Benefits


Never Miss a Deadline
Use Infraspeak’s SLA App with push-notifications to set time limits for all corrective and preventive maintenance actions so that you’ll never miss a deadline again.


A number of indicators on corrective and preventive maintenance, costs, stock flow and SLAs allow facility managers to track each department’s performance and what to change.
Stock Management
Monitor, manage and track all items in your stockroom and plan your orders in advance.
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Cost Management
Lower your costs and optimise your budgets by staying on top of your maintenance spending.
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Order Management
Optimise your purchasing process for all items and services.
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Streamline failure resolution by answering your technicians’ requests through our platform.
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“With Infraspeak, I was able to improve the planning and presentation of work for the technicians. Now I can get the information to the field team much faster and more clearly.”

Diogo Pinto

Engineering Manager at Fernando Martins, Lda.

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